Christmas Plays Performances

It’s always a good idea when families can appreciate outings together. Going to Christmas plays, inefficiencies and also concerts provide wonderful holiday entertainment for all participants of the family. Attending Xmas inefficiencies and performances offers terrific entertainment for the entire household and supplies an additional way to appreciate the celebrations of the Xmas season.
Families usually do not have to endeavor too far from their house to delight in a Xmas play or show. That’s because amateur actors, vocalists and fledgling artists in their community will usually take part in a number of Christmas performances for regional citizens. These amateur however enjoyable occasions can be found at neighborhood institutions, churches or at a community playhouse or performance facility.

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Portable Stage Solutions For Live Shows

It’s incredibly popular for those groups to stage efficiencies of the Nativity tale, or other Xmas associated jobs such as ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Churches as well as institution groups could even have a total concert collection that includes an unabridged production of a play along with choirs, soloists and the band singing Xmas carols as well as other Xmas tracks.

Just what makes neighborhood Xmas efficiencies special is that members of the neighborhood as well as perhaps also of your personal household can be among the performers. It is for that reason special to see familiar faces doing something interesting and various. For those that are budget-conscious, the performances are normally valued to be very budget friendly, as a result offering an economic reward to go out and have a pleasurable mid-day or evening.

Those individuals who are lovers of the arts and also who are extra interested in seeing a specialist efficiency will likely additionally have a specialist staged business within reasonable closeness of their residence. Expert teams might also execute Xmas classics such as ‘A Xmas Carol’ or they might do one more dramatic manufacturing from the works of various other dramatists.
Music enthusiasts also have a variety of performances to take pleasure in at Christmas time. While one can always capture various teams singing carols in downtown areas or at malls, there are various other areas to listen to abundant, sweet-sounding efficiencies of Christmas music. These consist of shows by well-known or recognized conservatories, orchestras, harmonies and also prominent choir teams.

The appeal of listening to Christmas songs by these groups is in the accompaniment of tools and also the unified blending of voices, which all happens in a venue that has acoustic features to optimize the acoustic pleasure of the efficiencies. The various parts that with each other make the entire performance supplies a richer quality to Xmas tunes as well as carols that could be referred to as ‘appearing heavenly.’

Another preferred creative efficiency that is prominent during the Christmas period is classic dance in the form of ballet, and also specifically the performance of the ‘Nutcracker’ ballet. With songs written by Tchaikovsky, the story is about a young woman who has a desire on Xmas Eve of a Nutcracker Royal prince and a strong battle with a Computer mouse King that has seven heads.

Attending Christmas plays, performances or musical efficiencies serves the standard purpose of providing pleasure, however it could also help youths, as well as adults, to develop recognition for the arts. Seeing various variants and the imagination in performances of Christmas plays, in addition to listening to various renditions of Christmas tunes, can be the initial direct exposure that results in a long-lasting love of the arts as well as perhaps a dream to go after a job in the arts.

Going to Xmas plays, performances and performances use wonderful vacation enjoyment for all members of the family members. Going to Christmas efficiencies and also shows supplies fantastic amusement for the whole household as well as offers another way to take pleasure in the celebrations of the Xmas season.
Music enthusiasts additionally have a selection of performances to delight in at Xmas time. While one can constantly capture various teams vocal singing carols in midtown areas or at malls, there are various other areas to hear rich, sweet-sounding efficiencies of Christmas songs. An additional prominent creative performance that is popular throughout the Xmas season is classical dancing in the kind of ballet, and especially the performance of the ‘Nutcracker’ ballet.

Reasons To Use Biometric Kontrola Dostępu

Biometric access control is an identification system based on the biological qualities of the user. Continue reading reasons to use biometric Kontrola Dostępu. Within this system, you can differentiate between different types of recognition. It can be by fingerprint, facial, ocular or vascular. An access control is an identification system that recognizes users and admits or restricts entry to buildings. It also allows you to know who has accessed the facility and know what time it has done and even keep a record of it.

This type of installation is very useful in a wide variety of buildings, from residential and residential complexes to industrial buildings, shops, offices, residences, libraries, laboratories, etc. It is also the most simple, efficient and economical recognition of all those based on biometric characteristics.​

The access controls are classified into two types:

  • Autonomous Access Control Systems
  • Network Access Control Systems

Autonomous Access Control Systems are systems that control one or more doors, without being connected to a PC or a central system, therefore, keep no record of events. Some autonomous access controls cannot limit access by schedules or groups of doors, this depends on the robustness of the brand. That is, the simplest ones only use the identification method (either key, proximity or biometry) as an electronic "key".​

Check out this article for more read: Keep An Accurate Record Of Working Time with Rejestracja Czasu Pracy System

Network Access Control Systems are systems that are integrated through a local or remote PC where using control software which allows keeping track of all operations performed on the system date, time, authorization, etc. They range from simple applications to very complex and sophisticated systems as required.​

Advantages of Biometric Access Control

From the wheel to the Internet, every technological advance brings changes, in theory, to improve our lives, but it can also generate misgivings. Biometric identification systems, like any new technology, have a number of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to their application. The main advantages of biometric access control are:​

  • Provides an extra dose of safety. This type of control is the safest system, since, for example, the fingerprint is a unique and unrepeatable feature in each person.
  • Low maintenance cost. Once installed, this type of access control has a much lower maintenance cost compared to other systems.
  • It does not require additional door opening devices. This system does not require traditional switches, switches or switches. Being based on the recognition of the unique characteristic of the person, dispenses with these elements, so that the situation of loss of keys does not occur.
  • It is more comfortable and secure than traditional systems like passwords, keys, or cards. It is more comfortable because it cannot be lost since the element of identification is a part of ourselves and not an external element (such as cards or keys).
  • Biometrics is more secure because there is no password, it cannot be forgotten and is complex to falsify. And, it can be combined with other security systems.

Hire A Mobile App Developer

Start Make Money With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are about connecting with and helping customers, and through this, businesses make more profits. Continue reading more about how to make money with mobile apps and advantages of hire a mobile app developer . If you are running a business, including a small business or sole trader operation, then you will certainly want to make sales. You will know that there are many marketing strategies out there, but ultimately there is no point to them if they don’t make you any sales or boost your profits.​

Mobile apps are a new and innovative strategy for profit making, that have been proven to work. All over the world, people use mobile phones, tablets and handheld devices while they are traveling, at home, school and work. Almost everyone in the developed world has a mobile phone, so why wouldn’t you want to communicate to them through this device.​

​Best Source of Information

Mobile apps are increasingly popular because they provide users with tools and information in a convenient and efficient manner.​

  • They are perfect for checking the weather, converting currencies, making purchases, and learning new things.
  • They are wonderful for connecting with other people, including businesses, and they tell us what is hot as the latest trends. Mobile apps are perfect for businesses wanting to get involved with their customers and clients.

​Hire A Mobile App Developer - Advantages of outsourcing

The advantages that outsourcing of application development can bring you depends on your position. If you do not have experience in application development, if you do not have training in it, and you do not even dedicate to it; That is, if you simply had the idea of creating an app and want to carry it out, this is the right choice. Remember that the type of development team or a mobile app programmer you hire, will depend on the workload your app requires. However, the advantages are common in either case:​

* ​Specialization

The first advantage in this case compared to other options available in the market is that you will opt for an absolute specialization in your project. And that will be noticed in the result. A pro developer specializing in developing Android apps will always give you a better result than a nominee developer who knows multi-platform who is not an Android developer or iOS developer. Through this process, you will get an application tailored to your idea and adjusted to your needs and those of the end user. You get feedback and advice from industry experts, accustomed to dealing with this type of products on a daily basis.​

* Product quality​

Another advantage will be the quality of the final product, will be noticed in the mobile application. It will be an exceptional technique to position your product in the market in a natural way. A good quality product takes a lot of effort when it comes to selling it. A native app is not the same as a web app. Also, you can easily differentiate it from other competitors.​

* ​Reduction of costs

Another clear advantage in hiring professionals for the development of a mobile application is the immediate reduction of hiring costs. Incorporating professionals into your company's workforce will be more costly than if you choose to outsource, regardless of whether you are hiring freelance developers or a development team.​

* Longer time savings

In terms of time investment, you will save meetings and a weekly check on the activity of your company team dedicated to it. With the outsourcing you will control from time to time, investing your time in other aspects of the company that require your attention. You will have a director or project coordinator who will take care of it saving you time, and you will only have to validate the proposed milestones at the beginning of the collaboration, checking that the work done is the correct one to release the payments.​

* Control over main activity

The more activities your company assumes, the more scattered will be the workers' efforts. By betting on the outsourcing of the application development will contribute to lighten the workload of the members of your company. But on the other hand it will also allow you to focus your efforts on the main or nuclear activity of your company, thus being more efficient and more productive.​

Mobiroller Hire a mobile app developer​

Mobiroller provides Android application development services by highly experienced developers. Contact us to Hire a mobile app developer for all your needs.​

For further details, Visit:​

Zonnepanelen Installateur In Ninove | Install Solar Energy At Home

The solar panels are the best option to generate your own electricity and thus save on your light bill and contribute to the care of the environment. But it's not just about putting some solar system and laying cables. A professional Zonnepanelen installateur in Ninove at home or business includes an analysis of your energy needs and a study to determine the configuration and orientation of the panels to optimize their operation.

​Given the large demand for solar panels, Monterrey has seen a proliferation of installers, but you need to be careful in the selection of your supplier, both for the quality of their materials and for the service, support and even the financing that offers you.

​The good idea is that you approach at least three companies in search of information and budgets to qualify them based on the following checklist:

Ask For References Between Acquaintances

​Ask friends, relatives or neighbors who have installed solar systems on their experience with them and the savings achieved, and who was their provider and how was their service.

​Investigate The Installer Experience

​Find out about the company's seniority, its installed projects and the certifications they have. Above all, look for experts in solar systems; do not rely on improvised installers.

​Contact The Company Success Stories

The same company can put you in touch with some of your customers so that you know first hand if they are satisfied with the initial service and after-sales service.​

​Give Preference To Good Quality Products

​In an easy search on the Internet, you will find the reviews on the operation and excellence of the solar panels offered by the company.

​You must also verify that the products have guarantees in writing, as well as the terms and conditions thereof.

Zonnepanelen installateur in Ninove| Make Sure You Get Comprehensive Advice

Given the investment of a solar system, it is important that the installer guides you through the entire process, from the evaluation of your needs and the financing plan for the installation and operation of your new panels.​

​Look For A Variety Of Products

​If your supplier has a wide range of products you can design a system that fits your needs specifically, and not vice versa, impose something you do not need because it is the only thing that sells.

​Confirm That It Is The System You Need

​When you submit your budget, ask all the pertinent questions to confirm that the system they offer matches the needs of your home or business.Stay away from those who want to sell you more solar panels than you require because you would be producing additional energy.

​A serious installer will have the products in existence and will be able to tell you with certainty when to install it, and it will be so safe that you will guarantee it by offering discounts or compensation if you do not.It will also be willing to support your investment with a long-term service that includes monitoring and maintenance of your photovoltaic system.

​Ask About Payment Options

​The strength of the supplier will also be reflected in the different financing options offered.Solar systems are accessible when you can use payment options such as those offered by Galt Energy: rent, leasing, months without interest or support from your sub-account.

​Now, with this checklist, you are already well armed to start your search for the ideal supplier for your solar panel system.

​Remember that a company that is willing to answer all your questions, and that demonstrates knowledge in doing so, will be the most reliable.

​If you are interested, please contact us for a quote. Solar Installer in Ninove Get in touch today.

Paul De Montplein 8/29400 Ninove

Nadine Crappéstraat 39B-9000 Gent

Tel: 0477 / 94 49 93

Top Tips To Print Text Messages From iPhone

Exists a method to download your text messages from your phone to your Mac computer system so you can print them? The best ways to Print Text Messages From iPhone? Whatever the intent, when you should print SMS from iPhone, there is constantly away. The easiest and also most convenient way is generally to take a screenshot of your iphone and also send it to a printer compatible with cordless iOS. However, if you need the full message listing, you absolutely cannot satisfy your needs, for a factor, that screenshot just reveals a bit of message conversion. To print SMS or full-text messages and conversion from the iPhone, it is best to export all of them from the iPhone to the computer, and also after you print them.

Occasionally you are dealing with a circumstance where you would like a printed copy of your text messages to talk about in detail the problem with their elders or various other authorities. Normally, you go empty when told to print messages and tries to find the easiest as well as best way to do it. Easy Print SMS From iPhone app is the service of your printing SMS messages.​

Print Text Messages From iPhone In Steps

Step 1: Attach the iPhone to the computer

Following running the program on your PC, link your iPhone to it, and so you will certainly obtain the primary user interface listed below.When you reach this window, you need to download and install a plug-in before the examination. Just click the "Download and install" button to do so.​

Step 2: Evaluate Your iPhone To Obtain Text Messages

Next, you should enter iPhone 4/ 3GS 'check mode before you take the text messages on it. Comply with the following:Hold your iPhone and click "Start.Hold the House Power Buttons as well as at the same time for specifically 10 seconds.Launch the power button and hold the Begin button for an additional 15 secs.When you entered the scan setting, launch the Begin switch. At the same time, the program will scan your iPhone for information on it.If you make use of the iPhone, you do not have to go into DFU setting, click directly on "Start Check" to start the iPhone exploration.​

Action 3: Save your iPhone text messages to your computer.

After the test, you will get the listing of contents revealed listed below. Select the classification "Messages." It is possible to preview before melting to your computer. To save them, click "Recoup" as well as pick a position on your PC. That's fine.​

SMS EasyReader & Printer is a cost-free online application for submitting and also sustaining sms_iphone.vmsg, sms.vmsg and sms_android.vmsg files from all smartphones with iPhone, Windows Phone OS and also Android OS. With SMS EasyReader & Printer you could PRINT your SMS text messages from all kinds of iPhones as well as mobile phones.

SMS Easy Reader & Printer is the first SMS managing app in the world for all smartphones!Download free SMS Easy Exporter for iOS software for a computer to transfer your all SMS text messages from all kinds of iPhones to an external file sms_iphone.vmsg. You can also download and install the proper version of SMS EasyExporter for iphone free of cost adhering to the links listed less:If you now have iTunes environment from Apple set up on your PC then download small SMS EasyExporter for iOS (for Microsoft Windows 32/64bit):

Link your iPhone to your COMPUTER or laptop utilizing a common USB cable television.If you have any problems with the acknowledgment and connection of your iPhone to your PC or laptop computer making use of Microsoft Windows 7 or a higher version, you must go to the Apple assistance web page as well as discover a remedy in the area If you use a Windows PC.Your text messages are saved as an HTML data. Now you can attach your computer system to a printer, or a duplicate of your SMS data to a laptop that links to a printer, making a perception.Keep in mind: If you take care, you should keep in mind that there is definitely an additional option on top of the leading home window: Backup from iTunes backup data. It is a device that can assist remove the iTunes back-up documents and conserve the components of your computer so that you can preview or print your iTunes back-up apply for your iPhone, etc. You could also obtain an opportunity.

Print Text Messages From iPhone app capacity sync as well as transfer data in between your desktop computer and also iPhone is something which is valuable as well as will certainly be convenient at any given moment. This could enable your phone to act as a common flash drive. Below, you'll be able to see the backup information. Make sure that you have actually set up print text messages from iPhone app so that you're going to transfer sms_iphone.vmsg files to and also from your iPhone.

A Wide Range Of Portable Staging For Any Ideal Show

You'll find different types of performances and exhibits that are held for entertainment along with other presentation reasons. Additionally, for a highly effective and appropriate show in the same to viewers, there are portable staging which can be utilized.

Staging a show is a challenging job as the location is additionally essential. You may be hosting a show that is held at an auditorium. In such venues, the stage design is really a long term one and complete by itself.

However, you'll find other sorts of shows and stage requirements also exactly where various kinds of portable stage platforms are necessary.

Different Types Of Portable Staging Systems

The innovations that have taken location in the producing of different varieties of portable stage platforms are an outcome of modern needs. Entertainment exhibits and performances are not merely limited to auditorium shows alone. And again, the nature of the show is also not always for entertainment alone.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons For Stage Shows:

  • Product promotions
  • Expertise demands
  • Contests and competitions
  • Local displaysItems displays

These are a number of the causes that portable platforms are necessary in modern lifestyle and, because of the variation in their requirement; you will find a number of types of dais platforms and systems which were created for better utility.

Portable Stage Platforms Options

This can be a crucial development amongst their innovations. NexGen portable Stage is extremely useful in the absence of an appropriate auditorium or a permanent dais. This also makes mobile staging of exhibits and performances possible at numerous locations. Portable Platforms are constructed with facilities like retractable features, extension platforms to facilitate performances in different techniques. There are other transportable varieties of the movable dais in which you can increase the extent and also deliver it down once the show is more than.

Q-Build - They are transportable with modular designs which will be appropriate for theater and stage performances of different sorts. It's best for colleges and youngsters performances specifically in the absence of a long-lasting method.

Multi - Deck - This can be a type of cellular staging program that will be stored as being a permanent or even a short-term framework, depending on the requirement. You'll find reversible decks which are accessible in this selection. You will also find levels that are obtainable on this assortment.

Key Platform - This is a comparatively straightforward design that is a flat surface area accessible for performances and shows. This can be a simplistic design that may be set up with ease as well as disjointed and stored easily.

How Are The Stages Beneficial For Modern Performances?

Catwalks - in the case of an auditorium platform, there's a need for the extension for any ideal show off the models and designs during a catwalk. This extension is generally an innovation of Mobile staging that's retractable and disjointed from the primary performance region once the show is above.

Theater - In the case of theatrical performances, you will find wings and screens which are available with portable staging equipment. These different aid scenes that require levels and backgrounds accordingly.

You will find the Mobile program as well exactly where a platform is needed. Mobile staging conveniently provides this. These are very easily set up during a program and then folded and retracted after the show is over.

For more information on Where to Buy Portable Stage, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the stage systems! 

TCS Computers Exchange Data Recovery Services in Belgium

TCS Computers Exchange Data Recovery Services in Belgium Exchange Server Recovery

Data Recovery Belgium can help you get your Exchange Server back online immediately, and get your company up and running again. Our Exchange harddisk recovery engineers have years of experience repairing Exchange Server databases, including damaged Priv.edb and pub.edb files. Using proprietary tools, we also can recover damaged mailboxes from IS database files (usually resulting from "Jet Engine Errors"), repair database corruption or "Read Verification Error" issues. We encourage you to contact us, especially if another company has informed you that your mailboxes cannot be recovered.​

Before running any utilities:-

Make a copy of your priv.edb and log files (Exchange 5.5) or priv1.edb and stream files (Exchange 2000 or 2003) and pub.edb! We can recover your emails if you make copies prior to calling Microsoft and running their utilites.​

Exchange File Data Recovery Warning

We offer the ability to recover mailboxes straight from log files, even if you exchange .edb or .stm files are missing or corrupt. But, we must stress that if you Exchange Server database will not load, you must NOT attempt to use such utility programs as Eseutil or Isinteg to restore your data. These programs can delete valuable data, and can eliminate valuable log file data which could normally be used to rebuild the database. Contacting us first before you do anything is a superb idea, as it can save you money and resources.​

Microsoft Jet Database Error Warning

If your database is corrupted heavily, it is likely jet errors will occur. In most cases, Jet errors are not repairable. The most common error our customers usually see is: JET_errRecordNotFound, which is never recoverable using the eseutil.exe program. In fact, in many cases where this error appears, running eseutil will result in additional lost time and data.​

Also, watch for "JET_err Key Duplicate Illegal duplicate key", which is another common jet error message that occurs due to database corruption. This also typically cannot be restored with eseutil.​

Finally, an important error to watch for is: JET_err Read Verify Failure Read verification error 4294966278, which can typically be the symptom one or two of four main issues. The first, that your hard drive has sector errors. The second being that some information may have been written incorrectly into the database file, which is often caused by third party software. The third being that pages in the database file are corrupt, with the fourth being that the Exchange Server Jet Engine is corrupt.​

TCS Computers Data Recovery Belgium repairs and recovers Exchange Server databases that have experienced many different errors and problems. Some of these issues include:​

  • Physical hard drive failure
  • Jet Errors
  • Controller card malfunctions or failure
  • Drive sector errors within the main Exchange files
  • Improper shutdowns such as power failures (which can corrupt files and data)
  • Email deletion, whether accidental or not
  • Viral attack
  • Exchange program failure or boot problems
  • Partition table issues
  • File size errors

If any of the above situations have occurred, we recommend you contact us immediately before you attempt any form of file data recovery AND BACK UP YOUR FILES!.

www.TCS-Computers.Be or Call +32.3.772.22.36

Pre-owned Porsche – Buying One For Less

Porsche is one of the most recognizable cars in the world. This car was designed to be this way. It was no accident. Ferdinand Porsche founded this company in 1931. Ferdinand would prove to be an excellent engineer that would go on to develop a brand that was associated with style, high-class sophistication, and speed.

The early models of these cars were colorful and with big lights in the front. There were models with drop top roofs as early as 1952. Porsche would go on to make variations of the brand with models like the 912 and the Boxster.

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Powerful Performance

This embodied the car and the picture of the wild stallion with an incredibly high kick meant something. It was an unspoken symbol of the powerful performance that the Porsche was supposed to provide. This awesome horsepower feature meant speed and the design of the Porsche symbolized luxury. This was a combination that made the brand stand out as a something of a sports car. People that hear about this vehicle will instantly conjure up imagery of a rich lifestyle and a fast driver speeding down the highway. The mere name of the car strikes up a vision. This is branding at its best.

Sports Car

These cars have always been rather small. This is where a lot of the sports car association comes into play. People that have seen a Porsche know that this is not a family car. It’s too small for a large family, but this unique design is on purpose. This is another thing that makes the car recognizable to many people.

The Porsche brand has actually expanded into tractors and race cars, but the consumer model brands are still the most popular. The Boxster and the 911 are at the top of the list of best sellers. This brand is recognized almost instantly. People that are driving these cars don’t have to stop for spectators to support these vehicles. When these small, stylish cars go speeding by people, know what they are viewing.

Porsche Dealers

The brand name stands out even more sense these cars are typically sold at authorized Porsche dealership with the big logo on the sign. This is unique because most cars, even the popular ones, don’t have any logo association. The Porsche, however, does and this has been a very important part of the branding process. Champion Porsche Dealer in Miami gives you more options and better pricing on your new and Pre-owned Porsche.

For more details, visit

Call: 800-940-4020 to schedule your test drive

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System And Parts

Any exhaust systems consist of tubes which carry the gasses away from the engine and emit into the atmosphere. Though it sounds very simple, it is indeed a very complex system which has many challenges.

Let us now discuss how this system and the different parts:

Manifold or header

A manifold is a device which collects all the exhaust gasses from various cylinders into one pipe. It is made of cast iron. This is not that effective as the gasses are not produced simultaneously and hence, this causes back pressure. A header is a modified manifold which optimizes the collection of these gasses through a unique design. These can be built by custom shops and are costlier than the manifold. Make sure you have the right dimensions and sizes of the pipes and tubes.

Header back and turbo back

This is found at the outlet of the header and goes on till the air is let out of the system. A turbo back is the same as header back, but is used with turbochargers and is often custom made in after markets.

Catalytic converter

There are stringent laws in many countries to have this device in any vehicles. The combination of air and fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine produces harmful gasses. A catalytic converter changes these gasses into less harmful ones before they are sent out of the vehicle. The catalysts used are platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

• Carbon monoxide is changed to carbon dioxide.

• Nitrogen oxides are changed to nitrogen and oxygen.

• Hydrocarbons are changed to carbon dioxide and water.

Because this affects the engine power, some owners avoid using this. However, this is a must if driving on public transportation.


This is the last part of the exhaust which finally emits the gasses from the automobile. Since the gasses are at a very high temperature here, it is always advisable to chrome the tip for longevity.

As per the vehicle’s requirement, the system can be custom built to give you that perfect experience. These usually previous the existence of the vehicle and are available with warranty offers.

Though all these parts are individually available in custom shops, it is better to have a new custom exhaust system for your vehicle so that they are no problems while fitting these.

Every vehicle comes with its own exhaust system designed by the manufacturer. However, if you wish to have a Tubi Style Exhaust for your Ferrari, you can contact, as they are the best in the industry and offer products at reasonable prices. Check here info about Ferrari 488 Exhaust System.

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