Ferrari 488 Exhaust System And Parts

Any exhaust systems consist of tubes which carry the gasses away from the engine and emit into the atmosphere. Though it sounds very simple, it is indeed a very complex system which has many challenges.

Let us now discuss how this system and the different parts:

Manifold or header

A manifold is a device which collects all the exhaust gasses from various cylinders into one pipe. It is made of cast iron. This is not that effective as the gasses are not produced simultaneously and hence, this causes back pressure. A header is a modified manifold which optimizes the collection of these gasses through a unique design. These can be built by custom shops and are costlier than the manifold. Make sure you have the right dimensions and sizes of the pipes and tubes.

Header back and turbo back

This is found at the outlet of the header and goes on till the air is let out of the system. A turbo back is the same as header back, but is used with turbochargers and is often custom made in after markets.

Catalytic converter

There are stringent laws in many countries to have this device in any vehicles. The combination of air and fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine produces harmful gasses. A catalytic converter changes these gasses into less harmful ones before they are sent out of the vehicle. The catalysts used are platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

• Carbon monoxide is changed to carbon dioxide.

• Nitrogen oxides are changed to nitrogen and oxygen.

• Hydrocarbons are changed to carbon dioxide and water.

Because this affects the engine power, some owners avoid using this. However, this is a must if driving on public transportation.


This is the last part of the exhaust which finally emits the gasses from the automobile. Since the gasses are at a very high temperature here, it is always advisable to chrome the tip for longevity.

As per the vehicle’s requirement, the system can be custom built to give you that perfect experience. These usually previous the existence of the vehicle and are available with warranty offers.

Though all these parts are individually available in custom shops, it is better to have a new custom exhaust system for your vehicle so that they are no problems while fitting these.

Every vehicle comes with its own exhaust system designed by the manufacturer. However, if you wish to have a Tubi Style Exhaust for your Ferrari, you can contact, as they are the best in the industry and offer products at reasonable prices. Check here info about Ferrari 488 Exhaust System.