On Demand Printing The Latest Printing Capabilities To Hit The Market

On Demand Printing The Latest Printing Capabilities To Hit The Market

On demand printing is a form of just-in-time program management. The term on demand printing refers to the idea of printing documents only when they are needed, as opposite to printing large quantities of documents and storing them on a shelf until they are needed. However, many people think that on demand printing is the same as with digital printing, but there are some important differences. On demand printing or basically known as print on demand (POD) it is a process that supports the creation of printed matter.



Print on demand (POD) provides:
• What the customer wants (content in the appropriate form)
• When the customer wants it (as needed)
• Where the customer wants it (at or near the point of use)

In some other way, print on demand involves processing information in digital form with the primary objective of producing printed documents, in optimal quantities, at the end point of use, within the shortest possible timeframe, with content that is selectively targeted or customized for the recipient.

It is good to think that on demand printing is a process not a certain types of devices. The reason is that customers are not up to the hardware or software that are being used to make a certain print, but to the value of print outcome of the on demand printing process.

Print on demand is now changing the traditional printing process and the delivering process of documents such as when, where, and in the quality and quantity required by the customer. These changes have created new business opportunities for companies that understand the underlying economics, processes, and requirements for key industry segments and printed products.

On demand printing is one of the latest printing capabilities to hit the market, for some industries. And when print on demand is combined with capabilities of the Internet, it has a lot to offer companies that need specific types of print jobs done in a very short timeline. Another reason that many companies contract out their printing needs is time. Several companies concept an idea and then need that idea delivered to customers as quickly as possible. It’s one way to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourced printing via print on demand services meets those needs.

This type of outsourced printing seems to be a combination of do it yourself and professional printing. The company designs the piece they need to be printed, and the dealer does the printing and mailing. It’s a synergy that reduces the cost of touching customers with printed materials but still speeds the time from concept to finished product.